Produced by the Friends of Glen Fern to raise funds for the preservation and beautification of the Livezey Mansion and the area of Glen Fern in Fairmount Park, Philadelphia, PA.


Pictured on the quilt:


BELL'S MILL ROAD BRIDGE: Built in 1821. Connects Chestnut Hill with Upper Roxborough.


OLD COVERED BRIDGE: At Thomas Mill Road, Built in 1784. The last remaining covered bridge along the Wissahickon.


NATIVE AMERICAN INDIAN STATUE: Mr. & Mrs. Charles W. Henry erected this statue of an Native American Indian in 1902. It depicts an Indian looking into the setting Sun in the West where his people had moved. Sometime later the name of Tedyuscung was attributed to the statue.


VALLEY GREEN INN: Built in 1850. The last of the many Inn's along the Wissahickon. Open for lunch and dinner. For Reservations and directions call 215‑247‑1730


GLEN FERN: Livezey Mansion, Thomas Livezey purchased the property in 1747. The Livezey Mill for many years was said to have been the largest Grist Mill in the colonies. Home of the Valley Green Canoe Club since 1909.


TOLERATION: Statue of William Penn, erected by Hon. John Welsh. William Penn founded the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in order to carry out what is called his Holy Experiment. He expoused the principal of religious freedom, representative government, public education without regard to race, creed, sex or ability to pay.


WALNUT LANE BRIDGE: Opened in 1907. For long, acclaimed the longest concrete arch in the world. Connects Germantown with Lower Roxborough.



RITTENHOUSETOWN: Established in 1690 as North America's first paper mill by William Rittenhouse, America's first Mennonite Minister and Papermaker. In the early 19th century it consisted of over forty buildings including mills, homes, workers' cottages, a church, school and a firehouse. Designated a National Historic Landmark in 1992. The site has seven original buildings administered by Historic Rittenhousetown Inc. The site is open to the public for programs, events and activities on a year round basis. For information call 215‑438‑5711


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