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What do you think about all of the hype about things that harm you? Things that cause cancer and other serious ailments. Things that we consume everyday (not if I can help it!) and take for granted, like NUTRASWEET. I recently found an interesting pamplet printed by the US Government in 1947. Perhaps this shows how much you can trust the crap that is being shoved down our throats! It is important to investigate these things and form you own opinions. Mine is that if there is doubt and I don't need the stuff then in the trash it goes!

The cover page from a USDA 1947 pamplet showing DDT being sprayed into kitchen cabinets.
Inside cover precautions. Note the first sentence "DDT is a mild poison" and the last paragraph "Not a single case of DDT poisoning has been proved..."

The government now lists DDT as a carcinogen.

Just think of the millions of people that were exposed to this CHEMICAL indescriminately before it was determined to be extremely toxic.

We have RACHEAL CARSON to thank for her Successful Campaign to Bring the DDT and pesticide problems to public attention. Her book SILENT SPRING, condeming the use of pesticides, especially DDT, was first published in 1962.

Another example of things that we consume daily in large "Hidden" quantities are TRANS FATTY ACIDS. Margarine is the best food example, replacing butter. Neither are good for you but it is supected that the hydrogenated 'margarines' are worse.

One of my favorite 'pet peeves' is RADIATION poisoning. The misuse and abuse of radiation throughout the years.

So if you are into this stuff you will want to read about the biggest "disinfotainer" in the world, Rush Limbaugh. People will believe anything!

And talking about disinformation - if you are a Conspiracy freak - you be the judge!

And presenting the other side of the story... Health Scams

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Check to see if you or your relatives have any UNCLAIMED PROPERTY held by the state. $30 billion is being held by government agencies!

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