It is with deep regret that we have to report the death of a long time member and former Chairman of Chapter 5, Ceasar Arena, W2SVV. Ceasar became a silent key on Wednesday, February 26, while spending the winter months down in McAllen, Texas with his brother Nelson. Ceasar and his wife Betty have had a rough time in the last couple of years with first one and then the other spending time in the hospital for a number of ailments. Ceasar will be missed greatly by his many friends everywhere. The cause of his death is not known at this time.

Coleman Beeson, W3EY Ceasar Arena, BB Wentzel at right
with Coleman Beeson Standing behind

Coleman Beeson, W3EY, became a silent key on Wednesday March 26, 1997. Coleman had been in a nursing home for some months and although his quality of life was not great at the end he did not suffer. We will all deeply miss him and I know I will personally very much. He was a great friend to me and when my father died in 1977 he became like a second father to me. I learned a lot from Coleman. He was always there to help. I lived just a few doors from him in Glenside for many years. He made daily visits to my house, always checking on things. When I put my first tower up he showed me how. When I remodeled parts of my house he taught me valuable carpentry skills. When I sit here today in front of my station desk I am reminded of Coleman by the nice station console that he built for me (to my specifications) years ago.

Unfortunately Coleman suffered from Alzheimers which progressed over the last ten years or so, but up until last autumn he had been able to check into our nets with his famous "I had enough of this BS!" or some variation of that. We have been cleaning out the garage where Coleman had his shack and I have his Amplifier and many other things to remember him by. His shack will be fondly remembered by the many young (and old) hams that were 'elmered' by him over the years. It was a common occurence to see bikes parked in front of the W3EY shack.

Coleman was born in 1910 in Silsbe, Texas. He was first licensed as W5AHE in Louisiana. After high school he attended radio school and later worked for the Texas (oil) Co., a broadcast station in Indiana and setup police radio in Indianapolis. He served in WWII and was discharged as an Army Major. After the war he settled with his family in Glenside, PA and worked as a manufacturers representitive for the Sickles Company and General Instruments until his retirement in 1974. Coleman is survived by his wife, Ulma Dee, three children and four grandchildren.

Farewell old buddy

Doug, WA3DSP

W3EY newspaper death notice (PDF)

The Chapter has lost another member, Len Kravitz, KD2CR. Len and his wife Miriam, regularly attended our luncheons.

Russ, W2EEQ J Russell Snedeker Jr., W2EEQ (SK)

Russ Snedeker, W2EEQ, passed away June 12, 1999 after a long illness. Russ was our 75 meter net control operator for many years until last fall when he became ill. He was a technician for 30 years with IBM and retired in 1972. Russ was born July 11, 1915 in Trenton, NJ and He was first licensed in 1933. He held the QCWA number 1881. Russ did a great job as net control on 75 meters each Sunday and his booming presense will be missed by all!

Apologies for the poor quality picture but it was the best we had and many may not have met Russ over the years so we pass it on.

Carl Baddorf, W3FZO (SK)

Carl Baddorf W3FZO became a silent key on August 8, 1999. He was first licensed in 1935 and has been a member of QCWA since 1971 and was QCWA Number 7325. Born in 1911, he was 88 years old. His awards from QCWA include a 50 year Certificate, a 60 year certificate, a Century Certificate and a Fifty Year Continuous License Certificate.

J. Hartley Bowen, KD2AE (SK)

J. Hartley Bowen, KD2AE became a silent key on February 8, 1999. He joined of Delaware Valley Chapter 5 in 1990 and held QCWA number 23319. Hartley was first licensed in 1965. Hartley was an active member of the Sunday morning Chapter 5 net and often checked in. His health deteriorated rather quickly in the past year. His widow would appreciate a note from his old buddies. Her address is:

Mrs J. Hartley Bowen
Grace Ridge Apartments
Apt 431
500 Lenior Road
Morgantown, NC 28655

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